Lizz Hill Wiker

Lizz is the creator and curator for The Additive Hand exhibition.

Professional 3D modeler and technical designer, Lizz Hill Wiker uses 3D printing on a daily basis for prototyping of hardware components and jewelry. In the decade that Lizz has been exposed to and worked heavily in 3D technology, she has witnessed the tremendous growth of the industry first hand. Having had regular access to a variety of 3D printing technologies and having seen the industry grow over the course of a decade, Lizz has a unique outlook on the technology as it’s evolved from an investment-heavy prototyping solution, to an accepted manufacturing methodology and more recently has seen it incrementally embraced by artists and designers alike due to its growing accessibility and offer of new and innovative materials.

While Lizz's career moved quickly in a tech heavy direction, she has always identified with the term “Maker” and has never lost the desire to create using analog methods and fabricate using a variety of techniques that start with the hand, rather than machine. Naturally, these juxtaposed influences have led her to explore the space in which the two methods can coexist. In Lizz's recent work, this overlap takes form in pieces which utilize her love of hand embroidery and fiber art with 3D printing at the core.

The three pieces on display were made utilizing FDM, SLS and binder-jetting printing as well as lost-wax casting from SLA printing. In her work, Lizz uses 3D printing to create unique shapes and surfaces to embroider on, which broaden the range of designs and end uses which would not typically be possible using the traditional textile-based canvas. Lizz is fascinated by the challenge of creating tech-centric, wearable art, which at first-glance looks entirely hand made. The Poppy Brooch captures this fascination especially well through its use of 4 separate 3D printing methods- a piece which is reliant on the machine, yet shows off the hand.

Lizz holds degrees in both Textile Development & Marketing and Accessories Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been living and working in NYC since 2001. She currently resides in Brooklyn. Lizz is the creator of Toolry- a jewelry line which takes visual inspiration from classic workman’s tools.

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